Tuesday, 29 April 2008

A very seductive pot !

This is an early creamware jug that I was given. She is very delicate and has a very fine curvey body. I was so impressed with her beautiful figure that I thought I would try to emulate her charming form.
Please try to remind me not to be seduced by the charms of a creamware jug again. I am thinking why was I- a slipware potter -taken in by her grace and ease. (She weighs almost nothing).
Here are more pots trying to emulate the slender cream jug! Oh well-it's all a bit of a challenge.
Talking of challenges-I'm afraid nobody was really on the right track in the competition. But thank you for your guesses. My boys got quite excited when I said that I was doing a competition and immediately asked what the prize was and I am afraid to say they were not impressed with the answer. As soon as they come through the kiln I will post a picture and it will become very clear!! (Mainly because I have actually written what they are on them!!!!)


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  2. Hi Margaret, I thought some one should say something about the seductive pot. You are right it does have a sexy look to it. It's all about form, some people have sexy body's some don't. but then again its not just down to the body, it's the whole package that counts.