Sunday, 6 April 2008

Week-end sale

I've spent most of the week-end in The Palm House nursery in Ham. It's been an enjoyable time in spite of the weather. The owners of the Palm House did an excellent job of organising a fun week-end but who would have guessed we could have such weather in April. The M25 was mayhem this morning as it had not been gritted and the snow, ice and fog were leathal. Anyway, with the weather being so bad we moved our stalls into the glass houses. Most of my customers were people who had bought my pots before and it was good to meet them all again.

This wonderful Griffin is on the roof of Emma and Martin's cottage at The Palm House. You can just see some of their olive trees in the foreground they were very attractive. I'm now recovering with a glass of red wine and planning my next batch of pots.(I liked that mug by Cardew that Andrew had on his blog).
Has anybody got any pictures of Doug's show? It sounded excellent.


  1. Oh my! I'm getting cold just looking at that snow... I really like your displays: Everything is nicely visible and uncluttered. I especially like the sense of height you created with the two pieces of 'furniture'. Which items were your best sellers? Any surprising comments from browsers/customers?

  2. Hi Miri,I sold a good number of pots with the bugs and beetles on.A gentleman commissioned a bowl with a male and female stag beetle on.I'll have to do some homework on that!!

  3. That mug was by Ray Finch, not Cardew - but it's a real beauty in my opinion. It made us think of Ron's fish mugs.

    Apologies for not taking any pictures - useless of me. John usually doesn't like photographs being taken, but he made a point as soon as I walked in to say I can take as many as I liked but for some reason, I didn't. Useless of me, I know. You'll see a similar display on Sunday, if you're going.

    Glad your sale went well - they're lovely pots.