Monday, 14 July 2008


Some bowls ready for biscuit firing. These are thrown from 1 kilo of clay.

On Friday as I was just about to start decorating this bowl when a large section fell off the angle poise lamp onto the bowl and badly damaged it. I was going to recycle it but thought I might use it to do a bit of experimenting. I intended to spend a short amount of time brushing on some slips to see what result I would get. I usually use oxides and some undergaze colours to decorate. However, I got carried away and four hours later this was the result!! There is no indication of the finished coluurs as the slips don't work in that way so I will have to wait to see how it turns out.
I planted up the bowl with succulents for my stall at Aylesford and could have sold it many times over. I wonder if I should actually make some for sale. The plants have the most soft and beautiful colouring.


  1. stunning, remarkable, amazing

  2. I love the bowls with the feathers Margaret. And that's some experiment! Wonderful pots as always.

  3. I agree with the others - lovely work.