Monday, 28 July 2008

More bowls

This is the large bowl I played about with when the rim got dented! I enjoyed playing around with the slips. The green colour has only come through quite faintly whereas the turquoise and yellows are stronger. I will definately try working with this again with some slightly different colours.

These bowls were all taken out of the kiln this morning. They are nearly 8 inches across. The sun was so strong that it was difficult to get a clear picture. These were enjoyable to make so I may well make some more. I'm off on a youth camp ( just as cook and bottle washer you understand) on Saturday so I am switching my attention to that for a couple of weeks!!
I am already missing potting but with three boys I need to do some 'mum' type of activities.


  1. Hi Margaret, These are wonderful as always. I do enjoy your work.

    I was trying to remember if your color came from the glaze or from slips. So reading there I see that it is from the slip. Also, I went back and looked at posts from May 6th and 8th so I can see the slip there.

    I am trying to find my way with color on some of my pots. Still lots to learn there. Your work is very inspiring. Have fun at camp.

  2. duh, I see now that I could have scrolled down and saw that fish bowl just after you had decorated it.
    (I'm a bit slow sometimes)