Thursday, 10 July 2008

Wedding bowl

I've hardly done any gardening this year but at the moment the garden is looking good, if somewhat disorganised. All I want is the weather to sit out and enjoy my lunch in the garden.

The top two pictures are of things made by the children in my children's class. I quite like the way one of them has used a stamp around the edge of her press moulded bowl. Not something I would have done but maybe worth trying!
The bowl is a wedding commission. I think I've got it through from throwing to firing in just over a week which must be a record for me.


  1. Margaret, I remember a while back you posted some things the children had made and they were wonderful. These are also. I love those two figures, perfect. How fun.
    The wedding bowl is lovely.

  2. Lovely wedding bowl Margaret, it must be lovely to get such fabulously individual presents that obviously have had so much love and care put into them don't you think.

  3. Like the rim stamping idea too