Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Books and pots

Another reliquary out of the kiln this morning. I'm calling this one 'the birds and the bees'.
The tiles below are some tests I've done to work through some ideas. I'm not quite sure where I am going with them yet.
At the moment I am reading this book by Edmund de Waal and I am enthralled with it. It's a good read but also gives insight into the work of Edmund de Waal. I think it is amazing how things we have grown up knowing about infiltrate our work in all sorts of subtle ways.
I don't think I can do the book justice if I try to review it so read Claudia Clare's review on her blog .
Whilst I am talking about books here are some of the books I glean images from for my work. I often call in the Oxfam book shop and have bought quite a few there. If I use books in the pottery then I don't want to be too precious with them so buying them second hand feels good.
ConnieN left me an interesting link to a whole catalogue of useful photographs of wild life.


  1. The box is an absolute treasure! I love the owl he has come out very well. I am very excited about the book too, I will get it when I get back to England in two weeks. I am flying back with the cat jar and Mr. Whippy! When you have finished The Hair with Amber Eyes I recommend The Hearing Trumpet by Leonora Carrington, I think it will appeal and stimulate!

  2. i am amazed at the way you translate these illustrations to underglaze...gorgeous..and it appears you have a lovely hand style of writing too :))

  3. You make the most breathtakingly beautiful things! The owl is wonderful.

  4. Lovely owl Margaret. Beautiful box.

  5. Do you already know about the website BibliOdyssey.com? I've found amazing images there too, and I believe they're all copyright-free (esp. as many are 100 to 500 years old). Your images are beautiful, very clean and detailed. The forms and images are well-married too. - naomi