Thursday, 25 November 2010

Children's pottery

I've been going into the local school after school on a Tuesday to do a pottery 'after school club' for them. The school is for children with special needs. This week I've just started getting some of their work through the kiln so here is the first batch.
They enjoyed making these figures so I hope that they will be pleased with the glazed work. The little chap above is a plumber and that's a pipe he's holding.
Farnham went really well. I took this photo when I unpacked some of the boxes but before I tweaked the arrangement. I had fully intended to take lots of photos this time so that I could think about improving my display for the next show but I totally forgot. All I have is this blurred picture.


  1. excellent lil figures and they look so sweet in your glazes :))
    your dresser worked a treat it makes quite an imposing display..

  2. I think those figures are wonderful, you must be so proud of your group.
    Re your display I think it looks really good. I love the dresser display, have you thought about trailing a short string of white fairy lights across the top of the dresser, it adds sparkle and you can get battery ones.