Friday, 12 November 2010


Factoid - every insect has six legs.
I should know I've been drawing them all week! My handyman made me some new shelves and thoughtfully put in a narrow shelf for small pots. ( I didn't like to tell him I didn't have any small pots). I do now or hopefully will before Art in Clay Farnham next week-end. These bowls are tiny about 3 inches across.

Last week-end we went to the Horniman Museum in South London. These bronzes were beautiful. They are from Benin. But I had forgotten what a spooky place it is. They have a gallery full of stuffed birds and small animals ( the dead zoo some young pupils I taught called it). I was hoping to draw some owls but that gallery was closed for ' essential maintenance'.


  1. I like the bees, but not too sure about that 'other insect' lurking there. Will have to look up that museum when I'm next in London - everywhere I go this year seems to be closed for maintenance - what's going on!

  2. I like the bees too; I have a plate with 6 scraffito bees in the glaze kiln now. The Horniman museum is wonderful, my daughter wanted to work there as a curator but had an accident just before the interview so couldn’t attend. She ended up though at The Shirley Sherwood Gallery at Kew though which was probably better for her. You must post a photograph when these bowls are out of the kiln.