Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Preparation for Farnham

I just managed to dash into the garden as the light was going this afternoon to take these pictures. I would have liked to take some more but the light went very quickly.
These are pots I've made to take to Farnham. When I decorated the insect bowls I timed the process and was amazed to find they took me well in excess of four hours each! That is after they were thrown, slipped, banded and turned.
After Farnham will be a good time to sit back and take stock of what I do before I start a new batch of work so maybe I won't be making too many of these.
I have shown both sides of the two casseroles below.
The blue tits are the ones I saw in my garden when they were clinging to the seed heads of the crocosmia. I am quite pleased with these and I don't think I can I can make the drawing lines any finer. The clay has burnt through just enough to give some warmth so that they aren't too clinical.
On a more mundane note I had to go to Ikea yesterday to get some spot lights for Farnham. It's cheaper to buy new ones every year than to have the old ones PAT tested. You can look up who else will be at Farnham at Art in Clay here.


  1. Lovely Margaret, really lovely. Good luck at the weekend.

  2. All the pots look wonderful Margaret. Four hours! Wow! I hope the show goes well.