Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Slow progress

Found a hedgehog in the shed a few days ago but he was camera shy. I left a bowl of water and a bowl of chicken out for him but the next day he had gone.

Last Monday I threw quite a few jugs and some other pots. Tuesday I added pouring lips and handles. I leave them overnight in newspaper so the water levels in them evens out, if I don't do that the pouring lips can give way!! Wednesday I slipped the insides and then left them to dry back so that I could slip the outside on Thursday. Of course whilst all this is going on I am working on other pots but nevertheless it is a very slow process. Above is both sides of the first one to be completed. I have plenty of ideas for things I want to make and a pile of sketch books with ideas but I seem to be very slow making progress.
Today I got a glaze firing on that will be ready to open on Thursday morning. There are mostly bowls for some things I've got coming up in several weeks.

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