Thursday, 22 May 2008


Images of Adam and Eve from Werra ware from northern Holland.

I really enjoyed seeing Ron's sketch book and it gave an insight into how he translates that into his pots. I work from my sketch books every day so they are a very important part of the process for me.
When I was in college surface decoration was somewhat derided and form was everything. We marvelled at the wonderful strong forms created by potters like Lucie Rie and Hans Coper. So it has taken some time for me to work out what I want to do and feel confident about it.
At the moment I am looking at pots with Adam and Eve as decoration. (I don't think I dare do a Google search for Adam and Eve though!)
I tried to scan in some of my Adam and Eve drawings but they are in pencil and you just couldn't see them. So I have put some of feathers I have allready used and rabbits which I am thinking of using around the edge of pots.


  1. Your drawing's always so beautiful.

  2. Margaret, these are beautiful. Very inspiring to me. I love the drawing of the rabbit scratching it's head.

    In regards to you question on my blog...I sketch with a Sakura Pigma Micron Pen 08. That's a .5 mm tip. Sometimes I use a dip pen too which I love but I'm prone to knocking the ink well over.
    Those red jars were drawn with a watercolor pencil.

    I love the old pots with Adam and Eve, maybe I'll give one of those a go someday.

    I haven't good luck with my scanner, so I just take a picture of the page with my camera and crop it for the blog.

    I look forward to seeing more of your drawings.

  3. Beautiful Margaret, I do keep telling you that don't I. I admire your drawing skills very much.

  4. hi margaret nice feathers, here's some scanner notes for you - change scan to black and white for high contrast (not grey scale coz your may already be in light pencil ) scan 300 dpi for more detail (150dpi is ok but 300 is better) the pics look 'scratchy' on screen but once scanned print well and look good on screen...hope that's some help..ang