Friday, 16 May 2008

More of the same

Following my unsatisfactory glaze firing I went to my supplier on Saturday and bought a whole new stock of raw materials. I mixed them over the weekend and did some glazing on Monday. I had a good look at the dry pots and thought it was lacking in flux so added more lead sesquesilicate to the original glaze and did some tests of that as well. The results were all perfect! Whew- what a relief.
So Thursday I glazed a load of pots and packed a really tight load into the kiln. Will be able to open that tomorrow.

Here is a batch of jugs I threw on Tuesday. As my decoration method is so slow I don't generally throw too many pots at any one time. I only threw 10 jugs. The top picture shows them slipped.
These are thrown from 2 kilos of clay. Everybody else seems to think in pounds so I don't know what the conversion is into pounds.
These are so much easier than last week's jugs . On these I shape the lips whilst the pots are wet ( no slabbing on spouts) and I don't slip the inside of these either so that is immediatley 2 less processes. I don'y turn them either!!
I'm lookin forward to opening the kiln in the morning though in theory my results should be fairly standard every time as I am using an electric kiln. Will post my results hopefully tomorrow.

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  1. That's a nice group of pots Margaret. I hope your firing goes well. I heard on the radio that the US is one of only 3 countries in the world who is not on the metric system. You'd think for a country who wants to be a leader in the world that we'd catch onto the small things like that. God forbid our citizens would have to change something and think differently (oops I'm slipping up onto my soapbox) better go. Take care.