Saturday, 17 May 2008

New pots

Here is one of the 'mystery' pots. A string holder! Just what you want for the potting shed or the kitchen (maybe). Sometimes I attach a pulled loop at the side to hold a scissors but I totally forgot this time.
These pots are also out of this weeks firing. The teapot is OK but not really the shape I had in mind. I feel I need to work a lot more with this to get it to match the mental image I have.

These are just two of the jugs in this shape but I have photographed the two sides to give a clearer idea of what they are like. I'm pleased with these and have put several more into a biscuit firing to go on tonight. They are made with 1 kilo of clay so they are about 7 inches high (18 cms). That weather last week was brilliant for getting things dry and made the whole process seem much quicker. Now I am happy with my glaze again I will be in full swing next week.
The weather here this week-end is not so good-cold and damp-so lets hope all the happy campers are OK in North Wales!


  1. fab decoration, lovely images on the pots Margaret.

  2. Very nice pots. very nice indeed.