Saturday, 27 June 2009

Aylesford day 2

I realised when I returned to Aylesford this morning that I hadn't taken any pictures of my own stand. Miri had also picked up on that!
The weather has been brilliant so it has been a relaxed day. Plenty of people to chat to-folks buying and other potters. It's been an opportunity to catch up on old friendships and make new friends.
The community of potters must be one of the most generous and interesting ones. It's certainly the most inclusive group of people I have ever been involved with. Back tomorrow for the final day. Chatting to others has also made me think of avenues I want to explore with my own work. It's been stimulating and motivating. I think I need to get some of my thoughts down in writing whilst they are still fresh in my mind. Notebook out or just an early night?


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures Margaret! You display looks amazing: so cozy and inviting. Of course, your pots are so beautiful and so nicely highlighted with the various "props"! Hope Sunday's weather behaved for you!

  2. Looks wonderful Margaret. Nice to see so much of your work.