Thursday, 11 June 2009

Day to day stuff

The garden is needing attention but I still enjoy it even though it's getting a bit out of shape. Lawns need mowing , borders trimming, potatoes earthing up, etc. etc.
Here are a few of the pots out of this weeks glaze firing. There were more bowls with insects and feathers ready for Aylesford which is in a fortnight. The jugs above and the bowl below are all in the local Kent clay. They are a bit chunky because of the coarseness of the clay. I am pleased with the bowl though. Using the Kent clay throws up plenty of questions. I am wondering if just using the clay out of polythene bags is like preparing frozen food rather than preparing fresh. Is that a fair analogy? I am hoping to go and get some more but I may well try sieving it so that I can do finer work. I didn't even try to put script around the edge of the bowl as I knew there was too much grit in the clay to cope with it. It also makes me think I need a pug mill as all the kneading and wedging is time consuming and back aching!!


  1. Hi Margaret, your pots are looking fab as always. I have a pile of cashew nuts in your little feather bowl in front of me as I type.
    The new clay is interesting but as you say muct be a lot of work.

  2. Hi Margaret! Good luck with Aylesford. Hopefully the weather will be better this year... Looking forward to hearing about it (and hopefully lots of pictures too!).

  3. love the bowls and that wonderful green glaze... the garden is beautifully lush too