Friday, 26 June 2009


Yesterday we set up at Aylesford in glorious hot weather. Today has continued the same with blue skies and beautiful hot summer weather. I forgot about my camera as I was glad to sit down and read The Ceramic Review and chat to people as they passed by. So I quickly snapped these few stalls on my way out tonight. Clever Nicola Gladwin is actually in Rufford so her sister-in-law was caring for her stall.
The bottom stand is Philip Revell's and I must confess I succumbed to two of his mugs.
We came home promptly to get son number 2 to the leavers ball. Son number 1 organised himself to get to an 18th birthday party!!
Aylesford is still on Saturday and Sunday so I am hoping this weather holds up.I would have liked to get to Rufford which is also on this wek-end. Hannah and Doug are there. Also one of my pottery heros is there- Geof Fuller. I would have liked to see his work.


  1. Hi Margaret:
    Hope this weekend is fun and successful for you! And, hopefully pictures of your pitch are forthcoming??? :-) Miri

  2. I like David White's pots, lovely man too and his wife is a sweetie too. Don't see them often enough. Looks like everyones kids are growing up into proper adults, must be exciting for you all, hope he enjoyed his prom night.
    Best wishes,