Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Busy week

Last week was very busy.My car had to go into the garage as it wouldn't start and I am going to need it for the Aylesford fair this week-end. All is now well with the car -it had to have a new battery and a number of other things I don't even try to understand!
When I packed the kiln for a bisque on Wednesday it only responded with an alarming noise so I had to call in the people from Clay Cellar to put it to rights. They were brilliant and came out on Friday to get it going again.
Today I have been working on the wassail bowls. I've had the kiln on so with the warm weather and the heat from the kiln it was all drying very quickly. As you can see I managed to get them into the slip. At that point the warmth was a real asset as they can collapse with the weight of the slip if they don't dry out fairly quickly.
I am running out of time this week as we set up at Aylesford on Thursday. My damp cupboard is full of pots in polythene!


  1. looking amazing,! all the best with the firing..

  2. crazy and cool... can't wait to see them finished

  3. the wassail bowls are incredible-especially love the one with mermaids-where are they available-I live in the United States-Angie