Thursday, 18 June 2009

What is it?

What is it? Some funny casserole, a pot with a hat?
Remember I come from Wales! Yes it's going to be a wassail bowl! I thought I needed a break from the normal run of things and also the troglodytes (or at least two of them) are now at home all exams finished. I suggested they help in the garden this afternoon thinking it would keep them occupied but they needed more suppervision than I imagined so it wasn't one of my better ideas.
Anyway, I thought I needed some time to 'think' and plan the next batch of work so the wassail bowls are meant to be light relief from the normal run of things. When I was a child we made frequent visits to the National Folk Museum where there are a number of wassail bowls. They were one of the reasons I wanted to pot. For me they are a good reference point to the old potteries in Ewenny and Welsh culture in general.


  1. Blimey Maragaret, thats fab, can't wait to see it decorated.
    Best wishes